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Business ideas

Here’s a bunch of ideas that I’ve worked on. Feel free to browse, build on and adapt.

Contact me if you’d like to chat about anything. 😄

I’ve also written about some of my hackathon experiences on my blog.

Recycling clothing

✏︎ Business Idea – Online curated catalogue for charity stores

✏︎ Business Idea – Recycling jeans into insulation

✏︎ Business Idea – Customised clothing (pitch, prototype)

✏︎ Textile Recycling Research

✏︎ General Research on Fast Fashion

✏︎ Tool to assist with Centrelink

✏︎ Tool to help tradespeople get paid

✏︎ Tool to assist with underpayment of migrant workers 

✏︎ Legal Chat Bot

Financial literacy

✏︎ Game that teaches basic financial concepts (pitch, game screens)

✏︎ App to help people with learning about investing


✏︎ Quality assurance tool for sustainable building projects

✏︎ Hostels to house and employ the homeless

✏︎ Platform to link freelance creatives with small businesses

✏︎ VR game to learn about nutrition

✏︎ Platform to allow musicians to promote and earn money from livestreams

✏︎ Creating business opportunities for refugees (write-up, slides)


Some pieces I’ve written for other websites.