Who’s On Your Team?

Who's on your team?

Most people think that I’m pretty independent. But I know that I can’t do everything on my own. I can always smash my goals faster with a bunch of amazing people around me.

I get exposed to new perspectives and ideas and can smash through shit with their support. The importance of surrounding myself with the right people came up a lot recently. I’m really grateful to have so many inspirational and supportive people in my life. 😍

Wanting to build a business….

I took part in the Sydney Women Startup Weekend, hoping to really focus and make some progress on an idea over the three days.

I could not have anticipated meeting an amazing, like-minded group of women who brought their passion and experience and basically 10x-ed the idea from what it was originally. They were so supportive, raw and gave me a shit ton of energy. I legit felt like I was gonna cry tears of joy (but I’m “not emotional” so it didn’t happen…lol).

We went from strangers to a kind of sisterhood in the space of a few days. It was bloody amazing. I’m so grateful to have met them and am so excited to continue to work with them on a shared vision to help people live up to their full potential. All whilst sipping some fine wine and munching on cheese with sick beatz in the background.

Sydney Women Startup Weekend

Working on a uni project…

Holy crap, how did this even happen? Normally uni group work = groaaaaaan + FML. I got put together with my team at random by our lecturer, but it must’ve been fate cos my team members are freakin’ amazing. They are so on the ball and get shit done, all whilst being bloody hilarious. I love that we don’t take ourselves too seriously whilst working on something that is quite tedious and dry (wading through legal provisions, wew!).

I’m glad that everyone is so switched on, and we can engage in fruitful discussion, showing respect for everyone’s ideas even when we disagree on things – it just makes our project that much more amazing. I’m looking forward to many late nights, going crazy and wanting to chuck all dem legal provisions into a pile and burn em, eating malatang and talking about all kinds of random crap. 😂

Access to Justice Team
What a bunch of cutie patooties

Wanting to improve my health and fitness…

AHAHAHA this one was a weird one. I got a letter in the mail from John, who is now my dope-ass personal trainer. Honestly, if it was like any other stupid fitness/gym ad I would’ve chucked it in the bin straight away, but it had a handwritten note on the top of the envelope. So I decided to give him a shot.

DAAAAAMN he kicks my ass – just what I needed. I’d been so comfortable with making really small increments in my training on my own but he pushed me way harder than I thought I could take… and then I got through it and went woah, shit! I’m capable of so much more! I moan and groan about being so sore all the time but I love that I’m getting so much stronger every day. 💪

John Vision PT Marrickville

Trying to learn about investing…

Oh my goodness, this is easily the best thing that has happened to me in a while. I joined an investing mastermind, which is essentially a group of people who are interested in learning about investing and achieving financial freedom.

BUT it’s not just about investing – we’re keeping each other accountable for other goals as well, around things like health, business and personal relationships. Because life is freakin’ messy and it’s not just about money.

It was soooo good to set goals for 10 years into the future and work backwards to determine how we were gonna get there. I got so much clarity and feel like I’m truly living on purpose now. It gave me a lot of direction and it feels so damn good to be taking daily action towards the end game.

The cool thing about this group is that we share our goals with each other. And we’re all from very different walks of life, so these goals are really quite different. But that’s okay. At least we know that when we share what we’re struggling with, there are others there to support us. And when we share what we’ve accomplished, there are others there to cheer us on.

The best part is setting daily goals and being held accountable by everyone. It’s the kick up the ass that I really needed. Apart from that, I’ve also gained so much from the knowledge and insights shared, as well as the connections and resources we’ve been able to help each other out with. Amazing what happens when a group of like-minded people come together and share ideas!

I would not be where I am in life right now without all these amazing people that I’ve met. If any of y’all are reading this: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO FREAKIN’ AMAZING. I’m truly grateful to have you in my life and can’t wait to see what the future holds! WEEEEW! 🤩

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