How to Determine Your Personality Type

What's your personality type?

Did you know that there are free websites where you can do different tests to determine your personality type? They detail your strengths and weaknesses, possible career paths and how you relate to people etc.

It’s actually pretty fun and freakin’ fascinating. Even better, you can get people you know to do them too so that you can understand them better. 

Learn about your strengths and weaknesses

The MBTI and Four Temperaments personality tests are pretty similar. I learned that my strengths include being a people person, having lots of curiosity, being able to come up with a shit ton of crazy ideas and being super chill.

Unfortunately, with such an over-active mind I have major issues with getting distracted and not following through. I procrastinate like crazy and don’t like doing small, uninteresting tasks. Case in point: As I was trying to draft this post I kept getting sidetracked by 101 things. 🙄

Yet, when I’ve got a clear goal and a deadline, I can sit my ass down and focus until I get it done. I legit go into a crazy state of flow. 🤩 

This often happens during pitch competitions and hackathons. It’s actually pretty amazing seeing the kind of shit I can come up with when I’m under pressure.  

So… I learned that I need to create those deadlines and a sense of urgency, and just keep myself accountable. If I don’t have the self-discipline, I can ask people to be my accountability buddy and give me a kick up the ass.

I’m so grateful that whenever I’m in a group situation, there’s always someone who keeps us on track with all the tiny details and deadlines, whilst I’m just like ooh let’s do this let’s do that wait what’s happening when?? Oh shit, we only have how much time left?! 😳

I’d done these tests many times before but never really made much use of them. It was just like “oooooh, how accurate hahaha” and then I didn’t think much of it after.

But now I realise how valuable they are in shaping my everyday interactions with other people, especially those that I have to work closely with. It’s super useful in figuring out how we can complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses.  

Learn how to communicate with others

With the DISC profile, I’d done the test at least two times before but only realised its usefulness after a sales and marketing meetup run by the awesome Edward Zia.

It was fascinating to learn how understanding the various personality types allows you to tailor your communication strategy with customers because each one has a preferred way of receiving information:

Dominance (‘Director’)

  • Want to get results so they’re hella impatient and want you to cut to the chase, spare them the details 
  • How to communicate: Get to the point!

Influence (‘Socialiser’)

  • Engaging and talkative, they like to have fun, love friendly conversation and don’t like routine
  • How to communicate: Have fun and get to know them

Steadiness (‘Relater’)

  • Slow-paced and relaxed, great listeners, don’t like people that are pushy, care about other people’s feelings
  • How to communicate: Share testimonials, they like to know what others’ experiences have been like

Conscientiousness (‘Thinker’)

  • They love logic and processes, and don’t like ambiguity or too much talk
  • How to communicate: Give them the details, steps and processes

Interestingly, I found out that I can be a D or I personality depending on the context.

If I’m in a social setting, I’m an I personality because I love having friendly conversations and learning about others. Yet, when I’m in a work setting, I’m a D personality as I prefer for people to cut to the chase so I can get shit done.

Hence, I find myself getting surprised at how curt I can get with my team members at times, cos I’m usually so patient and don’t mind letting people ramble on. Soz y’all. 😅

As I said, bloody fascinating. Give it a shot and see what you can learn about yourself. 😉

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